DISBAND Interviewed in DIS Magazine

“It’s 2012, and the pussy riot is louder than ever. Alaina Claire Feldman interviews a No Wave feminist band and finds out about its early rumblings.

Hot on the heels of Pussy Riot’s condemnation of Russia’s politicized justice system and suppression of freedom of expression, millions of young women have been caught donning balaclavas in solidarity with feminism for the first time. Echoing scenes of riot grrrl rebellion and Guerrilla Girls anonymity, certainly, the call to charter communities of supportive and creative women via music is nothing new. An apartment on the edge of Prospect Park in Brooklyn now serves as host to infrequent practices for DISBAND members Martha Wilson, Ilona Granet, Donna Henes and Diane Torr (a rotating membership, which at one moment also included Barbara Kruger, Ingrid Sischy, Barbara Ess, Daile Kaplan and others). Amongst the numerous No Wave bands in New York in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s who predicated on negation, DISBAND represented one of many new spaces for women who rejected the mainstream culture of the time. …”

Read full article.


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