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Long-lost recordings culled from performances between 1979 and 1982 from the loose group of feminist performers known as DISBAND. Ilona Granet, Donna Henes, Barbara Kruger, Ingrid Sischy, Diane Torr, and Martha Wilson screamed, shouted, sang, and stomped through the heyday of New York City’s new- and no-wave scenes, blurring the line between performance art and live music. Mirroring the chaos and temporarity of that time, the band split up in 1982 having never produced a record. This is the first comprehensive look at their all-too brief career.

This CD features 21 recordings captured from the band’s live performances between 1979-1982.


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DISBAND: 1978-1982 now tells the fascinating and exciting tale of this amazing group of girls who didn’t know how to play instruments, but were big on concept and the possibilities of experimental music. This dvd brings together some of the band’s best recorded songs, interviews and video performances during their four-year span of existence before DISBAND disbanded on April 15th, 1982. The dvd also includes a booklet with song lyrics and a short history of the rise and harmonious fall of the band.

DVD contents:

DISBAND at Franklin Furnace, 1979
“The End”
“Black Lung”
“The Redneck Song”

DISBAND at P.S.1, 1979
“Five More Years”
“New York City”
“Hudson Street”

DISBAND in Florence, Italy, 1980
“Get Rebel”
“I’m on the winning side”
“This is How I…”
“Hey Baby”
“Look at My Dick”
“Missiles and Pistols”

DISBAND in Rome, Italy, 1980

DISBAND at Hallwalls, 1982
“Every Girl”
“Every Day Same Old Way”

Audio Recordings on disc:
1. Every Day Same Old Way
2. Look at My Dick
3. Missiles and Pistols
4. Sad
5. Interview 2007 for WACK! exhibition at MoCA L.A., Connie Butler, Curator